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Journal notes walking the "Trail of Death" tracing the Potawatomi Indians forced removal from Indiana to Kansas in 1838. This blog is in process of being re-ordered and moved to

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I'd love to get a short note or or post card while walking from you...When I go into a Post Office hoping for something and they say, "Sorry, nothing for you here" I walk away with my head down for the next week. I know..everybody is busy so I understand, but if you want to make this walker happy a short note to one of my mail drops along the way is a real pick-me-up on a long walk like this. And I always answer every one. I guess I like to hear from friends because I have 15 hours a day while walking to ponder friendship, your news, what's happening elsewhere--it is my "newspaper" of sorts. So if you want to write a note here are my mail drops on this walk. (If I beat your note to the PO I'll leave a forwarding address to the next PO so it will still catch me)

Address mail to Keith Drury-General Delivery at these addresses by these dates.
Keith Drury-General Delivery
May 5 Logansport In 46947-9999
May 11 Danville IL 61832-9999
May 18 Decatur IL 62525-9999
May 25 Exeter IL 62621-9999
June 3 Paris MO 61944-9999(
Married 39 yrs today).
June 9 Lexington MO 64067-9999
June 16 Paola KS 66071-9999


Blogger Kathy Drury said...

Expect lots of mail from the Drury 5!

6:32 PM  
Blogger Keith.Drury said...

Thanks always faithfully keep in touch--I'm remembering that mailing to that tiny town in Colorado right now!

By the way, thanks to Julie Collins for reminding me to make this mail drop list. Julie once sent me a packages of brownies overnight mail to a Pacific Crest Trail mail drop that cost her $23 postage--about a dollar each--the most expensive brownies I ever ate!

On this walk I will have stores galore in every tiny town I pass through so "care packages" are not so important is hearing news from people --hope you write... I'll reciprocate.

It is Thursday--I leave in three days...I still have not started packing...

4:49 AM  
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